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The Company

Marinis Construction Company was founded in 1987, making a dynamic entry in the gas station construction industry. Panagiotis Marinis, a man with great experience and high level managerial skills in the gas station sector, is the one who envisioned and established the company.

Nowadays, after a 35-year successful presence in the industry, Marinis S.A. has grown to become one of the most dynamic and developing companies in the Greek gas station construction sector.

EKO, BP, AVIN, SHELL, ETEKA. Our company has successfully undertaken multiple projects for the most well-known oil companies in Greece. We have already constructed, reconstructed, renovated and maintained more than 3.000 gas stations all over the country.

For the last 5 years we have been active and in the field of construction – reconstruction of houses as well as in the conversion of holiday homes into small hotel units.

We offer our clients a wide range of Integrated Construction Proposals. We undertake the planning, execution and supervision of technical, constructional and electro-mechanical projects in professional places such as shops, supermarkets, banks, etc.

We have developed a specialized department dealing with the construction, reconstruction, maintenance of medium voltage substations, generators, UPS.

In all our activities, we apply International Management Systems for Quality and Safety which are certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO14001:2015.

By providing a wide range of services, superior quality and high standards of our projects, innovative proposals, consistency and credibility, we are able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer.

We are constantly aware of all the latest technical and technological advances, while our commitment to continuous improvement is the key element of our strong relationships with customers.

The focal point of our company is our customers – you.

Our history

1987 – Panagiotis Marinis establishes “Marinis Technical Company”, thus making a lifelong dream come true. The company’s first steps are in the sector of electromechanical installations.

1989 – Dynamic entry into the sector of gas station construction/reconstruction, thanks to Panagiotis Marini’s vision and expertise.

1996 – The company follows a stable growth rate. Because of the constantly increasing demands, further workforce and infrastructure expansion is taking place.

1999 – The company endorses and implements International Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001, thus providing  projects of high quality and ultimate safety.

2006 – The enterprise’s turnover is increasing constantly. The legal form of the company changes, from Limited Liability Company to an Incorporated Company (Societe Anonyme).

2009 – The inspirer and founder of the company, Panagiotis Marinis, passes away. The next generation of Marinis family takes over the reins of the company.


2015 – The company relocates to new and much larger premises (1500 m2) in Piraeus, where the headquarters and the technological equipment warehouse are located.

2017 – The company develops a specialized department of medium voltage substations of generators and uninterruptible flow systems (UPS)

2018 – The company develops a specialized department for the maintenance of E / M business premises, facilities, factories 24/7

2020 – The company is certified with the quality systems ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018

Our Goals

We expand, into new fields of today’s construction industry, like the fast-paced retail store and office construction sector.

We provide, integrated services to our customers, by creating a specialized project planning and license approval processing.

We assure, superior quality in all our constructions, by setting high standards and attaining the qualitative features set by the National and European Legislation.

We satisfy, every need and special demand of our customers, while making sure to meet the needs of third parties too (employees, administration, suppliers, social network).

We become better, by constantly upgrading the quality of the services we offer.

We innovate, through the adoption of new technology and frequent renewal of our technological equipment.

We guarantee prompt delivery of our projects.

We ensure, a safe working environment by eliminating workplace accidents.


Green Growth

In Marinis S.A, environmental protection is a keystone. We think that the natural environment is a fundamental factor for human growth, development and productivity. We strongly believe that economic growth must be achieved through environmentally sustainable ways.

We implement our Green Growth Policy by using eco-friendly practices:

Construction sites:

  • Any waste, especially hazardous, is disposed of to approved and licensed subcontractors for safe disposal / recycling.

  • The old electrical/electronic devices of the gas stations are provided for recycling.

  • The building material waste like tiles, sanitary ware, electric articles waste etc, are delivered to approved and authorized subcontractors for environmentally friendly disposal.


  • At the headquarters, we follow a material recycling program (papers, batteries and cartridges) and natural resources (energy and water) saving program.
  • Every year, we organize educational seminars in order our employees to be well informed in environmental issues.
  • We are certified with the ISO 14001: 2015 system


No Accidents/ Ultimate Safety/ 100% Safety

In Marinis S.A., workplace safety and accident prevention is a matter of high priority. We guarantee that all technical operations are conducted under Conditions of Safety and Health for both our employees and all the associated parties.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy is updated according to the sector that is being applied to and the prerequisites of the related legislation. Every year, an overview of the Policy is made, in order to determine the effectiveness of these practices.

The 8 pillars of our Occupational Safety and Health Policy

  1. The Safety and Health at Work System ISO 45001:2015that we implement.
  2. The full compliance with the National and European Safety Legislation, as well as with the additional prerequisites of each project.
  3. The continuous improvement of Security and Health levels that we apply in each project.
  4. Specialized seminars on Safety at Work, attended both by our employees and our customers’ engineers and technicians.
  5. The necessary safety equipment that we provide our employees with.
  6. The measurable Safety and Health goals that we set every year and we assess on a regular basis.
  7. Sudden inspections in order to ensure appropriateness of safety and prevention procedures.
  8. The Safety and Health Manager, who is responsible for the implementation of our Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

  • Superior Quality/ Ultimate Quality/ Quality Assurance

In Marinis S.A., we don’t negotiate over quality. Quality in every stage of our value chain, from the agreement with the customer to the successful completion of the project. Our main objective is to deliver high-standard projects, which stand out for their technical integrity and undoubtless quality, according to the special needs and demands of our customers.

Our Quality Policy is applied to the broad spectrum of our services, assuring high quality standards in every step of the process. It also satisfies all the requirements of the National and European Legislation. Our Quality Policy is reviewed annually, regarding its effectiveness and appropriateness.

The 6 pillars of our Quality Policy:

  1. The integrated Quality Management System that we apply to all of our technical projects, according to the international standard ΕΝ ISO 9001.
  2. The continuous improvement of our project quality, in accordance with the need for cost reduction.
  3. Measurable Quality Objectives, assessed every year according to their results.
  4. Briefing, training and encouragement of our personnel, in order to follow the procedures and the guidelines of the Quality Management System.
  5. Regular Internal Inspections in order to ensure high quality in every stage of the construction process.
  6. The Quality Manager, who is responsible for the implementation of the Quality Policy.

  • Personal Communication

Our corporate culture is a culture of dialogue, transparent procedures and open communication. Our goal is to create and maintain a positive communication environment that encourages interpersonal relations and the expression of different opinions. We believe that every point of view is respectable and must be expressed.

We cultivate team spirit and encourage fruitful cooperation. We believe in the power of the team and the amazing results that can be achieved through teamwork. Team is a true inspiration for each one of us. Together we can overcome every obstacle, we can find a solution to every problem, we can seize the future!

Our people

Our people play a fundamental role in the continuous success and growth of our company. We invest in our human capital, through the lifelong training of our personnel. Thus, we ensure that our employees maintain a high level of professionalism and keep abreast of all the latest technological developments. Our people are our most valuable asset.

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians, with great experience in the construction sector and the ability to successfully carry out even the most demanding projects.

Our workforce consists of 22 people, both administrative and technical staff, not including our nearly 50 scientific partners.

More specifically:

Mechanical Engineer (NTUA Diploma)

Civil Engineer (B.SC)

Electrical Engineers (B.SC)

Mechanical Engineers (B.SC)

Graduate in Business Administration

Electricians (practice license)

Plumbers (practice license)


General duties Technicians

Our Equipment

The company’s headquarters are located in Piraeus, in 1.500 square meters facilities that include our offices and our technological equipment warehouses.

We use specialized Computer Information Systems that help us to be flexible, effective and quick in all aspects of project management, from the financial management, archiving, and logistics management to the technical support of our projects.

We own a fleet of ten vehicles (all types of trucks, crane trucks, private vans, hoist trucks, dump trucks), as well as specialized machinery for the execution of all technical operations

Specialized equipment:

Leak control devices

Ground meters with recording

Explosive environment meters

Underground piping and wiring detector

Thermal recording and analysis camera