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Gas station construction

We undertake the construction, maintenance, renovation and dismantling of gas stations all over Greece. We deliver projects of high quality and integrity.

During the last 35 years, we have constructed, reconstructed, renovated and maintained more than 3.000 gas stations all over the country. Our long-term collaboration with the most well-known oil companies guarantees the ultimate quality and technical integrity of our projects.

Each gas station is a unique project for us. Our value chain starts with the appropriate planning of the gas station construction project, taking into consideration the project’s specific conditions and the customer’s demands. Our main goal is to provide the best solutions, both technically and cost-effectively.

Our customers feel secure. They feel that their project will be handled effectively, on time, without accidents and with consistency, professionalism and insistence on every detail. The valuable experience gained all these years, our important know-how and expertise, our well-trained crew and updated technical equipment make the perfect combination for success.